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Once upon a time… my life was in a soft focus. An artistic blurred between countries, immersed in a cinematographic universe, crossed with television and photos.

Appreciating and inquiring the world around me, questioning an idealistic vision of life that we don’t look after enough, I would like to share this light with you, through my artistic vision. Every day, every second even, millions of images are created, transformed and disapeared as soon as they were born…

My lens captures this snapshot, so precious, so evanescent and takes you to this instant, as it was an eternity…

Art Designer, Lior exerced her artistic eye and photographer abilities from the movie sets ,to the streets and of the world which surrounds her.

Recently her photos were exhibited in France and in Israel. Her work is to capture the instant that the eye cannot retain but that the lens is fixing forever… And that small stolen moment in time will question our minds…


Pick up of photos

Choose, select, keep moments and change of perspectives can bring us to a whole new world !
I am shooting photos to capture moments that won’t be there in a few seconds… This is natural and essential to me.
As they say “a little madness is necessary to move forward”, please come with me and through my pictures, share and listen sounds and whispers of the city who now vanished…

“The human being is only taking the luxury to be mad when conditions are really good for him !” Paulo Cohelo

Welcome to my world

Limited edition / 5 copies, authenticated, developed from the original shoot file and tailorly framed... Do not hesitate to give us your thoughts